Scheme and strategy for research &development of all drugs, deeply understand the interdisciplinarycutting-edge technology of multiple disease, and bring forward the optimal research scheme


Giant CRO Provides Knowledge-intensive High-quality Services

Medical Scheme
Intelligent CRO
Clinical Services
Data Management

Intelligent CRO platform, carry out the intelligent CRO platform based center monitoring, real world study, network recruitment, single disease large research queue, chronic disease management and others.

Deeply understand the foreign and domestic drug administration laws & regulations, be familiar with the operation processes, and closely communicate with the Regulator to ensure the smooth and timely and successful registration of products.

The experienced CRC team has SOP in line with ICH-GCP, and assists researchers in clinical research, including patient enrollment, informed consent, EDC entry, and supervision assistance.

Deeply master the all-around experience in the clinical research, including center screening, expert cooperation, center ethics, center process, patient group, third party detection, data monitoring, project management, TMF delivery and other comprehensive operation experience.

Professional data management teams, strictly comply with GCP and relevant laws & regulations, guarantee the scientificity, accuracy and authenticity of clinical trial data, provide the high-quality and high-standard data management and statistical analysis services


Giant CRO Integrates Various High-Quality Resources

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