Online Recruitment of subjects
Centralized monitoring
Real-world Research
Large-scale single-disease cohort research
Cooperate with clinical research centers and PI in depth to build a network to recruit patients for clinical research and improve the progress of patient enrollment

Connect with PI in depth to build a single-disease cohort platform, carry out long-term continuous post-marketing research and accumulate patients and projects

Carry out large-scale cohort research with high efficiency and low cost, and manage the whole life cycle of products after listing

Give full play to the advantages of mobile terminal technologies, cooperate with clinical centers, carry out centralized monitoring and improve project management and data quality

Digitization, intellectualization mode

Digitization, intellectualization mode

Future development trends

Improve the experience of subjects
Improve the compliance of subjects
Intelligent data acquisition
Online recruitment of subjects
Improve efficiency, reduce cost
Reduce the workload of researchers